Origin PC unveils a new Omni all-in-one gaming rig

and its a beast! We are already in love (that is until we saw the price)

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Gaming desktops and hardware are on a roar these years due to a potential rise in gaming community. That is the reason gaming companies are on a boom and struggling to deliver the best to the gamers. One such well known company – Origin stunned everybody this year by introducing the All-In-One (AIO) Gaming PC with a curved 3K display remarking as the most powerful gaming desktop. Origin’s Omni PC is a highly customizable desktop PC which packs a punch with its sleek curved display and all the components attached at the back of the desktop, which is the most unique feature in the world of Gaming PC Ever.

It has a stunning 34”+ an amazing 3440 x 1440 pixel quality HD curved display (21:9) which provides the user with maximum immersion in games. Omni supports Intel Core i7 5960X processor delivering a high speed processing memory with Z170 and X99 chipsets. It also supports Intel XEON E5-2699 v3. As it is loaded up with so much powerful processors it needs to neutralize a lot of heat. Having its own liquid cooler systems specially the ORIGIN FROSTBYTE 360, Omni is supplied with a sealed liquid cooling system. While most of the gaming PC’s feature some pretty cool versions NVIDIA GeForce graphic cards, well this Origin’s gaming beast boasts of a NVIDIA GeForce TITAN X (12GB) which is the ultimate gaming graphics card (after the GTX 1080 of course) thus supporting all kinds of best high-end graphic games in the world. Reportedly, it also comes with an option for the GTX 1080 (we were not able to confirm this). The 108- graphic card combines the latest technologies and performance of the new NVIDIA Pascal architecture created to be the fastest and most advanced graphics card on planet.  Also loaded with a Dual 2.5” HDD\SSD’s, it has a DDR4 RAM up to 32GB.

Origin's Omni PC

Origin’s Omni PC

One of its main components is its mini-ITX platform. This motherboard is attached to the back at the dead center. Its back has a removable cover. Let’s have a peek at its back side were all the components are attached defining the inception of an AIO gaming system. It has NVIDIA QUADRO Workstation GPU along with the Mini-ITX platform in the center and the ORIGIN FROSTBYTE liquid cooling system. There are different back covers including one with a window which adds to a high edge design. As it is AIO it also saves the user the question of space thus suitable for any small or large space. However all of its specs are excellent but they do have a few compromises form Origin’s normal PC’s which offers multiple GPU and better cooling system. But these cons are largely outnumbered by its pros as they only affect the high devoted and demanding gamers.

Origin PC

The Origin’s Omni PC

Whether be the high speed processors and the spectacular graphic card systems, the uniqueness is its curved high quality 3K HD display. For this, as the Origin has teamed up with Intel for the processors, it has teamed up with Samsung for large and luxuriously rich curved display screen. Its starting price is a whopping $2,359 which may not meet the price expectations of many buyers, but they are certainly not unreasonable when you consider a 34-inch screen monitor with a powerful system attached to its back providing a brilliant performance. With all options, it costs more than $3,000 to own. A little too much for a gaming PC we believe. With Omni gaming PC in the tech ring, Origin has fetched a feather in its cap in the world of new gadgets. The biggest downside? 😯  Its price!


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