5 Bad Smartphone Habits You Need To Break

Are you noticing yourself falling into bad habits when it comes to caring for your smartphone? We’re all guilty of neglecting our devices, but you need to break some...

Are you noticing yourself falling into bad habits when it comes to caring for your smartphone? We’re all guilty of neglecting our devices, but you need to break some bad smartphone habits immediately to keep your phone and personal information safe. Be proactive and keep reading to learn which habits you need to break today.

Forgetting To Back Up Data

Forgetting to back up your data could become a major issue if you accidentally destroy or lose your phone. You should get into the habit of regularly backing up your data or setting up the automatic feature because you never know when you might need it. It’s better to play it safe than sorry. In the event that you need to restore your data, you won’t need to worry about losing pictures, contacts, documents, and more because you backed them up.

Not Securing Your Phone

More often than not, our smartphones have critical information on them. You might link your bank account and credit cards, download essential documents, or save important work emails. Everyone should be using some smartphone security tips to prevent someone from gaining access to their data. The better you secure your device with built-in features, like setting up a pin, the less likely someone is to access and steal your information.

Not Cleaning the Screen

Do you take your phone with you everywhere? How often during the day do you pick up your phone? Many times throughout the day, germs from other surfaces and our hands mingle on our phones. Any bacteria on the screen can potentially make you sick. Therefore, you should clean your phone’s screen once daily to ensure it’s safe.

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Be Wary of Public Wi-Fi

A bad smartphone habit you need to break immediately is not being careful with public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi may not be encrypted, meaning hackers and cyber criminals can easily steal your information or install malware on your device. We recommend using your mobile data in public spaces if you can. If you use this Wi-Fi, like in an airport, try to avoid looking at personal or sensitive information and be careful when a network asks you to log in or supply information about yourself.

Draining Your Phone Battery

When you’re on your phone throughout the day, do you let the device reach 0 percent battery? You should never let your device’s battery drain entirely because this can prematurely wear it down. Fully charging your phone to 100 percent every night can put stress on the battery, too. The best practice for charging your smartphone is to plug it in before it reaches below 30 percent and to unplug it when it reaches around 80 percent. Additionally, only use the charging cables that came with your phone because off-brand chargers can damage the battery more.

We use our smartphones daily, so why are we not treating them better? Breaking these bad habits will protect your personal data and allow you to use your device for much longer. Don’t fall victim to these bad habits!

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