Acefast’s Smartphone Car Mount Doubles As A Wireless Charger

An Amazing 15W Fast Wireless Qi Car Charger Mount with Infrared Auto-Clamping ...
the cool smartphone holder that doubles as a wireless charger by acefast

We all have met situations on road trips where our phone batteries drained and we immediately had to connect USB cables to charge. For me, USB cable can be really inconvenient, particularly when you want to use a GPS app or move in and out of the car and constantly need to plug and unplug the wire. Quite frustrating, right?

For your ease, today, we are reviewing a wireless charger in particular. ACEFAST 15W Wireless Qi Fast Car Charger is a hinged telescoping mount that clamps onto your phone and secures its place. It supports 15W Qi-compatible wireless charging and includes foreign object detection so that it won’t charge anything other than a phone for safety reasons. 


acefast car mount

Is this charger worth buying? We are going to discuss all its features and functions so let’s delve into the details.



Suitable for most modern smartphones

Additional power adapter needed for faster charging

Easy to use, mount and adjust

Difficult to use with thick cases

Automatic clamping and releasing function


Supports up to 15 Watt fast charging



The ACEFAST 15W, Wireless Qi Fast Car Charger box includes a Sticky base, a Holder, a Center console base, an Air vent outlet clip, a Type-C cable, and a Manual. The suction allows you to attach it to the windshield or dashboard. Or could use a center console base with a 360° rotating ball joint to attach it to the AC vent. The 360° rotation and telescoping mount mean that you can twist the phone in portrait or landscape mode as you want and adjust the phone’s height according to your eye line to take calls or look at it for GPS directions without distractions.

Moreover, the easy single-touch clamp and release system allows you to attach and detach the phone without messing up with many knobs, clamps, or levers.

ACEFAST 15W Wireless Qi Fast Car Charger can hold any phone with a screen between 4.5 and 7.2 inches. However, it also depends on the case sizes, but overall, it can support most of modern smartphones. When the clamp is closed, it measures 3.74 inches tall, 2.83 inches wide, and 2.44 inches thick.

It is also lightweight, and its size doesn’t block the view. With phones installed, it weighs hardly two pounds and stays in place even on rough drives.

It comes with a Type-C cable for wired charging if you want faster charging.

Compatibility and Charging

The ACEFAST wireless car charger uses the universal Qi wireless charging protocol, which is not only compatible with all types of cell phones but also supports up to 15w charging power for phones from LG and 10w and 7.5w for iPhones and Samsung cell phones. 15W is currently the highest power supported by third-party wireless chargers. It will also make sure that you can at least charge your device when using GPS navigation.

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However, take into consideration that your phone case can influence the charging speed. Thick cases and cases with metallic parts can degrade the signal. A case with a thickness less than 6mm is recommended.


What is the stand-out feature of this charger? For sure, it is the ease and convenience that it provides—no more hassle of using clamps or levers. A touch control surface on the top needs only a tap, and the clamp will open. Place the phone in place and the clamp will close automatically.

Another remarkable feature is the foreign object identification system (FOD) in the circuitry. This system shuts the charger if it detects anything other than the phone. It is a safety feature in case a metal object nearby may get heated and result in fire.

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Final Verdict

So should you buy ACEFAST 15W Wireless Car Charger? One of the advantages it offers is a variety of wattages. So irrespective of the wattage your phone supports, you will benefit from it. Secondly, it is extremely easy to use, install and mount securely.

Moreover, its soft silicone built protects your phone from scratches. Plus, automatic opening and closing of the clamp ensures that it is not too loose or tight.

However, to get 15 watts, you need to buy a separate adapter. But this is a minor disadvantage when you compare it to advantages. Overall, we are very happy with the charger and highly recommend it. You can BUY the cool charger from AMAZON. You can use the coupon code ACEFASTd1b and you might get a cool 50% discount as well!


Do let us know what you think. You can comment below or email us for your previous views 🙂

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