Ditto – Smart Wearable Bluetooth Gadget

The small gadget connects to your smartphone and keeps you alert without looking at the screen
Ditto wearable in 3 colors

When I received a sample of Ditto (Sold by SimpleMatters.com – Now also available at Amazon for $39.95. Use code ditto29 on http://www.simplematters.com/ to get the device in only $11 instead of $40!) to test it for a day from my editor at GadgTecs, I must say that I was only looking at its popularity, and did not realize that the small device would offer me much more than what I expected of it. I knew the idea of the gadget was a very simple one, and wonder why no one else thought of it before. I knew that the concept of this device was to offer a life that was free from the constant nagging of having to check your cellphone screen every few minutes so as to see what message, email or call has come in. Unfortunately many people are literally glued to their smartphones, and this is something that also has so many drawbacks. With Ditto this can be avoided very simply.

So what exactly is Ditto?

Basically Ditto is a beautiful small and cute ovalish device that will alert you by vibrating only when truly important calls or messages come through. It comes in a variety of colors including a transparent one! I got to try the black one and I loved it. It is as small as two coins put together and can be worn like a watch (a strap is also included in the package) or around your neck like a locket, or using the built in clip, can be attached anywhere you find convenient. If you want to keep it discreet, you can keep it in your pocket. It is also water proof, so you don’t have to take it off while showering or swimming. It is a convenient way to stay connected without being constantly checking your cellphone’s screen.

The best part? It does not require daily recharging! Unlike our battery hungry smart phones, Ditto runs on a tiny watch battery which can many many months and is easily replaceable. How we wish all our gadgets were like that!

What can Ditto do

It can also be used as an alarm clock. The nice ‘buzzz’ is difficult to miss, even if you are a heavy sleeper. Though this is not its main purpose. Ditto will vibrate when there are emails, text messages, or phone calls on your cell phone, and it has the ability to filter the emails, messages, or phone calls according to the specific preferences or selection of the person. Therefore, you can set it up so that you are only alerted when you get an email from office or work etc The device would only vibrate when the condition is met, and will ignore other emails. You can set the number of times it will vibrate to notify you of each event individually, for e.g. for calls, 3 times and for emails, once. It will also warn you if your cellphone is left behind somewhere. For a careless person like me, this is a very convenient feature, as I have the habit of leaving my phone behind.

Ditto on our team members hand

A Ditto with the included strap on our reviewer’s wrist

Ever since smartphones have arrived, people including me have constantly kept one of their palms engaged in holding the phone, or at least kept it in your pockets. But such advanced technology has actually increased anxiety as we have come to expect communication to be at a much faster level. Waiting for a call can be very distracting, stressful, and prevent a person from doing anything positive at all, within that waiting period. This is because cellphones not only use palms but also keep the eyes and brain engaged. Ditto can help you to overcome those anxious moments and allow you to enjoy life and socialize much more – something which cellphones have taken away from most of us. Have you heard of the bet at the restaurant, when you are with your friends and the first one to look at their screen loses and has to pay? Thanks to Ditto, yesterday night was the first time I actually won, because I knew no one had messaged me. That is good, right? The only drawback is the price. I think it should have been

(The article has been reprinted here with permission from GadgTecs. It originally appeared at http://gadgtecs.com/2016/01/19/review-ditto-smart-wearable-bluetooth-simple-matters/)

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