How To Find Original or Replica Brands on AliExpress – 2017

Summer/Fall 2017- Latest Guide
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We get many queries asking us about the reliability of AliExpress (as many times, along with Amazon, we also give an alternate link with lower prices). Sometimes we are even asked, how can we find a replica brand on AliExpress (not everyone can afford a genuine Armani watch or may think a t-shirt is not worth $200, no matter what the logo). Although our site is mainly related to gadgets, on this page we’ve also tried to cover other non techy brands that people love as well. If we’ve missed anything, tell us and we’ll be happy to modify our list 🙂

We have made a table for you guys below (which you can sort, or search within the table etc) which will help you in determining:

  1. If the original product is available or not.
  2. Recommend search terms which you can click on to find comparable white label products (with out logos and/or distinctive brand symbols)
  3. Chinese brands which are very much like the brand you’re searching for.

Here it is:

Brand or ProductBrand Availability in AliExpress
Sometimes Available Here:
Broader search:

Similar Chinese Brands
Pink Hero:
Arnaldo Bassini:
AdidasUsually Available Here:
Adidas Superstar Availble Here:
Adidas Stan Smith Sometimes Availble Here:
Adidas Ultra Boost Sometimes Available Here:
Adidas ZX FLux:

Similar Good Chinese Brands (Shoes)
One Mix:
Li Ning:
Xstep: (recommended)
Akrapovic (exhausts)Available Here:
ArmaniSorry, Almost Impossible To Find
AppleAvailable Here:
AsicsSometimes Available Here:
AsusAvailable Here:
BalenciagaNot Available.
BelstaffNot Available. Though You Can Find Similar Stuff Here:
BillabongSometimes Available Here:

Similar Chinese Known Brands:
BlubooAvailable Here:
BluedioAvailable Here:

Recommended Search
Bluetooth Speakers:
BoseNot Available 🙁

Similar Chinese Brands:
Xiaomi Speakers:

BurberryNot Available.
Calvin KleinNot Available.

Alternate Chinese Brands
Pink Hero:
Arnaldo Bassini:
CanonSometimes You Can Find It At:
CasioUsually Available Here: (mostly G-Shock)

Similar Chinese Ones
ChromecastNot Available.


Recommended Search
TV Stick:
ChuwiAvailable Here:
ClarisonicNot Available.

Recommended Search
Clari Sonic:
Electric Face Brush:
ConverseSometimes Available Here:
CubotAvailable Here:
Dior (sunglasses)Not Available

Recommended Chinese Brands
Aevogue: (good brand)
DogeeAvailable Here:
Dr MartensNot Available.

Recommended Search
Dr Boots:
ElephoneAvailable Here:
Ever PrettyAvailable Here:
ForeoNot Available.

Recommended Search
Facial Cleansing Brush:
FujifilmAvailable Here:
GarminSometimes Available Here:

Recommended Search
GPS Watch:
Bicycle Computer:
Golden GooseSometimes Available Here:
GoProNot Available.

Similar Chinese Brands
SJCam: (good brand)
SOOCOO: (recommended)

Recommended Search
Action Camera:
HawkersNot Available.

Recommended Search
Outdoor Sunglasses:
HeelysNot Available.


Recommended Search
Roller shoes:
HTCAvailable Here:
HuaweiAvailable Here:
Hunter BootsNot Available.

Recommended Search
Wellies High:
Woman rain boots:
iPadAvailable Here:
iPhoneAvailable Here:
IproAvailable Here:
IruluAvailable Here:
JiayuAvailable Here:
KingstonAvailable Here:
KTMAvailable Here:
LeeNot Available.

Similar Chinese Brands
Jussara Lee:
Souyute (SYT):

Recommended Search
LegoNot Available.

Many replica's available but not under Lego, and most will be without box
Similar Chinese Brands

Recommended Search
Children Blocks:
LemfoAvailable Here:
LenovoAvailable Here:
LGAvailable Here:
MeizuAvailable Here:
MonclerNot Available.

Recommended Search
Duck Down Jacket:
MontblancNot Available.

Recommended Search
Ballpoint Pens:
Fountain Pens:
NexusAvailable Here:
NikeAvailable Here:
Nike Air Force OneAvailable Here:
Nike Air MaxAvailable Here:
Nike Air PegasusAvailable Here:
Nike BlazerAvailable Here:
Nike CortezAvailable Here:
Nike EssentialistSometimes Available Here:
Nike FlyknitAvailable Here:
Nike GeniccoAvailable Here:
Nike HuaracheNot Available
Nike HypervenomAvailable Here:
Nike InternationalistAvailable Here:
Nike JanoskiSometimes Available Here:
Nike JordanAvailable Here:
Nike KaishiAvailable Here:
Nike MD RunnerAvailable Here:
Nike Roshe RunAvailable Here:
Nike TokiAvailable Here:
OakleyNot Available

Recommended Search
Outdoor Sunglasses:

Or See Above at Dior for other Chinese Brands
One PlusAvailable Here:
OppoUsually Available Here:
ParkerSometimes Available Here:
PumaAvailable Here

Similar Chinese Brands
One Mix:
Li Ning:
Xstep: (recommended)
Puma CreepersNot Available.

Recommended Search
Ray BanDifficult to Find

Similar Chinese Brand
Veithdia: (recommended)

Recommended Search Term
ReebokNot Available.

For Similar Chinese Brands, see Adidas
RockbrosAvailable Here:
SalomonNot Available.
SamsungAvailable Here:
Star WarsMany replicas available if you search for space wars
SonyAvailable Here:
TimberlandNot Available.

Recommended Search
Timber Boots:

TousNot Available.
U8Available Here:
UggNot Available.

Recommended Search
Women Snow Boots:
Australia Boots:

Similar Chinese Brand
UlefoneAvailable Here:
UmiAvailable Here:
Under ArmourNot Available.

Similar Chinese Brand

Recommended Search
Compression Pants:
Compression Shirt:
UwatchAvailable Here:
VansNot Available

Similar Chinese Brand
Zosdon: (good)

Recommended Search Term
Vanly Shoes:
XiaomiAvailable Here:
ZeblazeAvailable Here:
ZopoAvailable Here:
ZTEAvailable Here:

It has taken a lot of time to compile this list, but we are still humans. If there is any error or any changes/additions/subtractions from this list that you want to suggest, you are most welcome 🙂

One of many important questions we are asked about AliExpress is how can one find authentic brands, and once we do, how to tell them apart from the replicas. How can I be sure the Xiaomi cellphone I’m getting is real? Is this $37 Hermes original? In this blog we’re going to try and answer your questions.

Are there still replica brands on AliExpress?

A good way to search for replicas was to use misspellings or abbreviations, for e.g. searching for BVL would give replicas for Bvalgari, Kalven Klein would give results for Calvin Klein replicas etc, but not any more. AliExpress in now listed in a US Stock Exchange and has to strictly follow copyright laws (to avoid huge lawsuits). Therefore, replicas is a dying breed.

Well, what kinds of brands are there in AliExpress?

As you may already know, some retailers on AliExpress sell replicas or duplicates. This creates a problem for buyers looking for originals, how to tell them apart from replicas? However before we get into this, let’s take a look at the 4 ‘classes’ of brands you may find on the shopping giant’s website.

AliExpress retailer classes:

  1. Well-known Chinese brands: Famous Chinese brands that don’t make replicas or hide their logos. In this class you’ll find technology brands such as Xiaomi or Huawei, or a sunglasses brand such as Aevogue or a watch brand such as Megir.
  2. Original brands: AliExpress also offers a lot of authentic products by western or non-chinese producers. You’ll find genuine  products by brands such as Converse or Nike. Depending on the brand, prices will be the similar or may be a lot cheaper than you’d find them in your country of origin (Converse products are much cheaper on AliExpress. Even Nike might be slightly cheaper than other outlets).
  3. Chinese “white label†brands: you may as well discover hundreds of “white label†products, which don’t have a brand and/or they don’t conceal it. This doesn’t imply they’re poor quality products, they merely don’t use intermediary brands that put logos on them and market them to sell them at greater prices. In this class you can find all kinds of fashion accessories, technology gadgets, home utensils, and so on.
  4. Fake brands: AliExpress has (had) a lot of retailers promoting replicas for well-known western brands. You don’t have to fret about confusing them, sellers provide these products for folks particularly searching for replicas, so they’re fairly clear and honest about it. In any case, mostly due to copyright reasons, the shopping giant has been working very hard to eliminate these kinds of products, so these are disappearing rapidly every day.

Another way to find cheap brands: featured brands

AliExpress has a section known as Featured Brands where you could find some incredible discounts daily. They are normally Chinese manufacturers, but we’re beginning to see some occidental ones as well. Just the other day HTC had some offer there.

Is it authentic or is it a replica?

For starters, use common sense. If you find an Apple Iphone 6S for $55, you can be fairly certain its a (low quality) replica. A Hermes bag for $37? Yeah, not original. Buying at AliExpress is usually cheaper than other sites, but don’t expect miracles. Another thing to take into account is the icon not too long ago introduced by the website to identify genuine products:

replica brands on aliexpress

Products that includes this emblem are guaranteed to be original, both by the vendor and AliExpress. Moreover, they offer an extra warranty. Not all genuine products may have this, but you still don’t have to worry. Why not? Read on…

In the event that they turn out to be fake, AliExpress will cover you

The Guaranteed Authenticity stamp means the product is certified by AliExpress as authentic. If by any chance the vendor provides you a with fake product, you’ll be given back the complete about of your purchase. Moreover, there’s a chance you might even get to keep the fake product. In any case, don’t worry about it, they are fairly strict about their rules and  guidelines and retailers try to avoid being closed down at all costs. Finally if you are still having doubts about the authenticity of a product, just contact the vendor directly via chat.

Special Note: Chinese Smarphones & Tablets

(How to check whether specification is real or fake)

Most Chinese phones with weird names or cheap replicas aren’t good at all. They’ll say its Hexa (16) or Octacore (8 cores), 16GB ROM, 3GB RAM and was $200 but now its only $20. Don’t be fooled. In reality it might be only a cheap dual core, 1 GB ROM and 0.5 (yes, half) GB RAM phone. This is what you do.

  1. For tech gadgets, always buy from a supplier that has not just high, but very high ranking. You’ll be safe.

If you have already bought something and want to check, then

  1. Do this BEFORE you rate the supplier. Once you have given a rating, you can’t do anything!
  2. Don’t be in a hurry to give 5 stars for an octacore, 32gb beautiful phone you got in only $10. The specs you see in settings are probably fake.
  3. Go to the app store and download CPU-Z. Run a test, it will probably say what the box and setting says. Then, do an ‘online verification‘. That will tell you the real specs!
  4. If fake, immediately save the real specs and open a dispute.

The seller will then contact you and after you tell him its fake, will offer you various discounts. Its up to you to accept them or not. We were fooled once. Then we bought at least 10 such phones and tablets from ten different suppliers, opened a dispute, did not accept ANY discount. In 7 cases, the supplier gave us back the FULL AMOUNT (100%) and told us to keep the phone (took a bit of haggling). 1 supplier gave us 90% discount and we kept the phone. In 2 case, the supplier escalated the dispute and we showed the proof to AliExpress. In both the cases, supplier was fined, we got all our money back and we kept the phone! (We used them for testing. They weren’t even worth for free. Most had viruses built in to the firmware). Some are still in our lab.

Looking for a specific brand? We’d like to assist you!

If you’re in search of a particular brand and need assistance, please send us an e-mail or comment below, we’ll be glad to help you, so you can find precisely what you are searching for.

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