After The Credit Card Knife, Get Ready For The Key Knife

You may have have seen a knife the shape of a credit card that could fit a wallet, but now we have a knife inside a key
portable credit card and key knife

credit card knife

Source: The Ian Sinclair Website

You may have come across the famous credit card knives, actually designed by Ian Sinclair but the originals were too expensive, starting from $50, but soon same down to $10 when the Chinese so effectively copied and flooded the market by high quality copies retailing for as low as a $1 each. [As it turns out, the originals were also made in China]. We tested the original and various copies, and found absolutely no difference in the quality. After a while, the copies stopped carrying the Ian Sinclair logo to avoid copyright infringement, but the design remained the same.

knife in a key

Total length is about 4.7in (or 12cm)

Recently, we came across another ingenious design of knives that were disguised like key. With a total length of 12 cm (4.7 inches) when fully opened, the ‘key’ is actually 7 cm (~2.7 inches) when folded. Although a bit thicker and bigger than an average key, the design and performance isn’t very bad. We were easily able to cut vegetables like a tomato and a carrot, though cutting meat and steak was possible, but not exactly very easy. Considering you can buy them for $2.44 (with free shipping all over the world), we think its a good invesment, especially if you travel regularly or go camping. You can even attach it with a keychain or your other set of keys such as car keys or key that have some other miniature tool in them.

Either of the knives can be classified as a tactical survival knife, ideal for traveling or camping. The ‘key knife’ may not be always with us, but we always carry the credit card knife in our wallet.*


Where to buy the key knife and/or the credit knife from?

You can get the key knife for $2.44 from Aliexpress and$7.99 from Amazon. Whereas the credit card knife can be bought as low as for $1.35 from Aliexpress and $3.06 from Amazon.


*Do not attempt to take either of these portable knives pass the airport security. TSA is well aware of these and has caught them many times.

Portable Knife [Creditcard & Key]
Portable Knife [Creditcard & Key]
The Good
  • Credit Card knife can easily fit in a wallet
  • The key knife is more 'solid'
The Bad
  • The plastic card can be flimsy
  • Weighs a bit more than a genuine key
  • Overall Score on the Nerd Meter
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