Rayzone’s InterApp: The Perfect Gadget Spy

InterApp can enable its operators to break into any nearby smartphones which have their WiFi connection open
rayzone interapp hacking

Tel Aviv-based Rayzone Group is marketing a nifty little gadget known as InterApp that may leverage outdated cellular gadgets and intercept and extract data from close by cellphones or tablets.

As Razyone describes its product, “InterApp is a game-changing tactical intelligence system, developed for intelligence and law enforcement agencies, enabling them to stealthily gather data from the cloud utilizing smartphone application vulnerabilities.”


InterApp can enable its operators to break into nearby smartphones which have their WiFi connection open, after which, employing a diverse arsenal of security vulnerabilities, acquire root permission on units and exfiltrate data to a tactical server.

InterApp can steal passwords and information from targeted smartphones/tablets

Based on Rayzone, InterApp can steal a consumer’s e-mail address password and content, passwords for social networking apps, Dropbox passwords and files, the person’s cellphone contact list, and his picture gallery.

Moreover, the gadget can even acquire the smartphone’s previous geographical locations and plot them on a map, IMEI particulars, MSISDN data, MAC address, gadget model, OS information, and private data on the target, like gender, age, address, schooling, and more. Basically anything that is accessible from the smart phone.
InterApp works on a wide range of platforms, operates very quick, handles tons of of units at the same time, and requires no technical expertise to operate, coming outfitted with an fool-proof administration panel.

InterApp leaves no tracks behind

InterApp hacking device

The actual device – Source: Rayzone

 Even better, according to claim made by Rayzone, InterApp’s hacking operations leave no forensics traces on a target’s smartphone.

The firm claims that its system was deliberately created for law enforcement, recommending its utilization in tactical police facilities, airports, or with intervention groups, being fairly small and transportable.

Other products marketed by Rayzone include Piranha – a 2G, 3G, and 4G IMSI catcher; TA9 – a giant data analysis platform; ArrowCell – a tool for detecting, finding, and neutralizing other IMSI catchers; and GeoMatrix – an advanced geo-location intelligence system. Mainly, the firm is the hardware-side counterpart of the notorious Hacking Team, an offensive-security vendor from Italy, that recently made many headlines e.g see: Boeing & Hacking Team wants to implant spywares via drones 

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