Best Wireless Soundbar By BlitzWolf That Won’t Break The Bank! – Plus Free Giveaway!

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As the third quarter of 2018 comes to an end, and 2019 is nearing fast; we are treated with a new contender for the best wireless soundbar that won’t break the bank! Stepping up to the plate is the latest offering from BlitzWolf!

Offering a 35.4-inch, aluminum and timber constructed slab of silver and sound that feels premium right out of the box!

When placed on my coffee table, it sits sturdy and is aesthetically pleasing, and super simple to connect to my phone via Bluetooth, through the easy to use touchscreen interface.

As great as it looks in my living room, let’s get down to the stuff that matters; SOUND

BlitzWolf® BW-SDB2 60WUnlike many other brands in the affordable soundbar category, my first impression was WOW. For a relatively unknown company (compared to some of the others) they have certainly put time into the design and production of this 60W, 2.1 Channel, 6 speaker behemoth. I threw a cacophony of noise through this thing, every genre of music I could think of (even some podcasts!). Immediately the first thing that I discovered, and was thoroughly impressed by, was the sheer volume that it put out! It pumped out music without distorting, pitch issues or anything of the sort. The sound was crisp and clear, the treble was spot-on, and the bass was deep (and if you are after an even bigger bass effect; Blitzwolf sells a subwoofer extension that is perfect for a surround-sound setup!) The supplied remote allows for seamless switching between profiles to suit the music or videos you are watching, and all-up makes the experience sublime!

Priced at a touch under $150 (after using the coupon), this is a cracker of a sound solution for y our living room, bedroom or even outdoors. It is head and shoulders above its competitors at this price-point and a sound that is unmatched. If it seems expensive to you, you can try the previous non-metallic version for around $85 as well.

EDIT: We actually found something better and cheaper! Get the original Xiaomi Wireless TV Soundbar for only $68 (free shipping worldwide)

blitzwolf soundbar - closeup

For our readers, we have 1 Blitzwolf BW-SDB2 60W Smart Soundbars to give away! (This time, it’s for people from the USA only. Sorry international readers, we’ll get something for you next time). Enter the giveaway below! [EDIT: Winner selected]



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