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Typically, when we talk about connected products, we focus on gadgets that help us get through our day. From being more efficient at work to tracking our physical activity, to helping us save on utility bills at home, we rely on technology more and more.

But what about those eight hours each night that we spend sleeping? Can technology help us there, too? As it turns out, it can. We recently reviewed a very cool device or gadget if you can call it. Enter REM-Fit’s ZEEQ® Smart Pillow. It utilizes similar sensors and app-based tracking as your fitness wristband, while also harnessing the same smart home connectivity that lets you remotely control your thermostat, locks, and lights. The aim is to deliver the best night of sleep possible for you and your partner.

To accomplish this, ZEEQ’s design team sought to incorporate industry-leading electronics, premium pillow materials, as well as the aforementioned app-based and smart home technology. The result is a product that tends to your restfulness in ways that most people don’t even consider. Here are some highlights:

Stops Snoring

When snoring reaches a preset level, ZEEQ‘s anti-snore alarm kicks in and the pillow gently vibrates, encouraging users to change positions without waking up, to open constricted airways. The snore’s sensitivity can be adjusted to suit your preferences.

Man sleeping on zeeq

Soothing Sleep Sounds

ZEEQ helps you fall asleep faster by listening to nature sounds, your favorite music,  audiobooks, TV (not a good idea), podcasts, and more using ZEEQ’s eight built-in speakers, compatible with many apps and streaming services. Set a timer in the ZEEQ app, so the music stops automatically. ZEEQ app includes relaxing tracks with binaural beats to help you achieve more restful sleep.

Sleep Tracking

ZEEQ sleep tracker sensors capture sleep data throughout the night. This lets you analyze your sleep cycles, sleep duration, snoring, and restfulness on the ZEEQ app. When you wake up, you can view detailed daily reports, and catalog sleep habits for a long-term view of how your activity impacts sleep quality. For example, it helps you find a correlation between your sleep quality and the time of day you work out, or the foods you eat.

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Smart Home Compatibility

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your other smart home gadgets, ZEEQ connects with Amazon Echo and other devices through the app service If This Then That (IFTTT). This connectivity helps you simplify your nights and days with home automation. For example, when the ZEEQ app detects you are about to sleep, IFTTT will automatically tell your smart devices to lock the doors, dim your lights and cool or warm the house to the perfect sleeping temperature. When you wake up, IFTTT can turn on the lights and start the smart pot of coffee you probably like. And just ask Amazon Alexa if you want to know your sleep score on the fly!

Great Materials

All this technology would be meaningless if the pillow itself was not top quality. Thankfully, REM-Fit equipped the ZEEQ with a Tencel® Lyocell Fabric Pillow Cover, which is woven from soft, hypoallergenic fibers that inhibit bacteria growth and offer moisture-wicking temperature control. The pillow itself is constructed of removable shredded memory foam filling. In other words, the adjustable headrest comes over-stuffed with memory foam filling that you can easily remove to personalize comfort and neck alignment.


As expected, since the pillow comes purposefully overstuffed, it will likely be a bit firm, and you may need to experiment with different levels of firmness to find the amount that’s best for you. The technology itself will obviously require the installation of an app, learning the functions, etc. Once dialed in, we did notice an improvement in sleep, and think you will too.

Inside of ZEEQ

Inside of ZEEQ

The ZEEQ Smart Pillow has an MSRP of $299.99 and is available on the REM-Fit website. If you do not need all the functions, REM-Fit also offers the pillow in a tunes only, snoring only, or tracking only version for $149.99.


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