Vintage LED Bulbs

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vintage LED bulbs - latest gadgets

Nowadays, vintage LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular lately. These bulbs are renowned for their vintage or retro look and look really nice in places where a traditional or classical decor reigns. For those who have their homes with such a style, the chances are that you are still using traditional incandescent bulbs because you could not make yourself change to the more modern looking LEDs. Otherwise, you may have switched to LED bulbs, but are not happy with the way they look on your lighting fixtures. However, now there is no need to forego looks just for the sake of saving money on energy bills, or the other way round.

some models of vintage led bulbs

Some models of vintage LED bulbs

Thanks to LED filament bulbs which retain the traditional style of Edison bulbs, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of old fashioned lights, and still, pay lower energy bills. This is because these bulbs still use LED technology, which will enable you to save money. In fact, a vintage LED bulb will use very low wattage. The yellow colored glow offered by vintage LED bulbs is attained with the help of phosphorus and other minerals. The arrangement of the filaments inside the bulbs contributes to increase or decrease in the wattage. The additional benefit from vintage LED bulbs, is that they can be dimmed too. This is a feature that many people look forward to as one may not need the same level of light throughout the day, and so it is a convenient option.

close of vintage LED bulbs

Vintage LED bulbs from up-close

You will also be able to benefit from longevity because these vintage LED bulbs are durable and will not require frequent replacements unlike other kinds of bulbs. Considering all of the advantages of LEDs, we would highly recommend to check the impressive and diversified selection of vintage LED bulbs at There are several shapes and styles to choose from, as we know that our readers will have diverse tastes and lighting fixtures at their homes or retail establishments. They have done their best to stock up with a very diversified range so as to ensure that you will find what you need. Above all, they guarantee that the prices of their vintage LED bulbs are being sold at are among the most competitive on the market.

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