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Being able to stream TV online has become a more important element in the way consumers watch TV. When it comes down to online streaming devices there are a wide range of devices to choose from. The good thing about having so many different manufactures getting into the business is that consumers have more options to choose from. So here are some of the best streaming devices for your TV.

Apple TV


Apple TV is Apple’s answer to home streaming. As the Apple TV has been around for a while now since its debut in back into 2007 as it’s in its 4th generation. It’s should be safe to say that some of the early problems have been worked out. The new Apple TV offers one of the best interfaces to date, which is pretty standard for Apple.

Some key features are its voice recognition remote and search function with Siri integration, Touch screen remote and integrating your iTunes library. You can even play games via the iTunes App Store on the Apple TV with a Bluetooth controller. The main downfall is there is no 4K support to date. This can be fixed down the line but as of now there is no 4K support. Apple TV can be bought for $149.99 for the 32GB version or $199.99 for the 64GB version.



DISH-HopperGOThe HopperGo by DISH is a unique device as you do need a DISH Network TV service subscription to use it. If you do have a subscription you can use the HopperGo as a mobile media center. With its sleek and small design the HopperGo is perfect for on the go TV. Transfer all your favorite TV shows from your Hopper 3 DVR player onto the HopperGo for easy access or stream new content.

The thing that makes this device different from the rest of the other devices is that it can be used on the go or while you’re in your home. The HopperGo doesn’t need to be connected to a mobile network to use the device on the go; it creates its own network that other portable devices can connect too. So you can either use the device on the go or you can bring it to a friend’s house to continue watch your favorite shows. The HopperGo can be bought for $99.99 with your DISH Network service.


Amazon Fire TV / Fire Stick

amazon fire tv

The Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick is Amazon’s version of a streaming device. Its main competition is the Google Chromecast. The Amazon Fire is fully capable of streaming Full HD content from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and more straight to your TV.

Some of the major benefits of Amazon Fire are that it integrates perfectly with Amazon entire suite. That includes Alexa, the virtual home assistant that was introduced via Amazon Echo for Smart homes. With Alexa you can use voice search functions for finding content. The negative thing is that Fire TV’s version of Alexa isn’t as full-featured as the Amazon Fire Stick. The Amazon Fire TV can be bought for $89.99 and the Amazon Fire Stick can be had for $39.99.


Google Chromecast Ultra


Google Chromecast is Google’s answer to the streaming service. The Chromecast gives you access to Google’s catalog of TV Shows, movies and more. One of the things that make the Google Chromecast unique is that you can mirror your TV screen on your Android smartphone along within your Chrome browser.

Chromecast has full built in app support from the Google Play store along with it full on 4K support.  Chromecast supports Hulu, Pandora, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and more. The Chromecast Ultra can be bought for $69.99 or get the toned down version of the normal Chromecast for $35.00.




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