• Google Pixel XL

    Google Pixel 5: Five things we expect from it

    Ever since I purchased the Pixel 4 XL back in October, I’ve been guarding it every chance I get. This year’s Pixel lineup has been met with a load of criticism and backlash, mainly concerning the phones’ poor battery life. For me 4 XL is fun to use, but...
  • google pixel 4 - everything we know

    Google Pixel 4: Everything We Know

    Google made the rare move at the beginning of this year of leaking images of its upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone – months before its anticipated release date. For months, Google has teased numerous pictures and videos and details about it that one tech publication went to the extent of calling it “the...
  • dead flash

    Google Will Reject All Flash Based Adverts In a Push For HTML5

    Advertising and search giant Google has taken yet another step in relegating Flash to the pages of history. From July 2016, it’s not going to accept Flash display advertisements. From June 30, developers with Flash-based display advertisements can forget uploading them to Google’s DoubleClick Digital Marketing or AdWords. Instead,...