• Smart Home Technology

    7 Advantages of Using Smart Home Technologies

    Make your home a securer place, and be more well-organized with these smart home technologies. In the digital kingdom, everything is linked to the internet. It’s not only about smartphones, but also the houses. Now, we’re able to direct devices from water appliances to windows even when we’re not...
  • Google Pixel XL

    Google Pixel 5: Five things we expect from it

    Ever since I purchased the Pixel 4 XL back in October, I’ve been guarding it every chance I get. This year’s Pixel lineup has been met with a load of criticism and backlash, mainly concerning the phones’ poor battery life. For me 4 XL is fun to use, but...
  • 11 gifts for the amateur mixologist

    Drink up me hearties, yo ho Gift Guides

    Your chances of getting a cheap, top-notch cocktail this holiday just skyrocketed.

    For the cocktail enthusiasts and amateur...
  • This is what happens inside a battery right before it explodes

    inside a lithium ion battery Technology

    Overcharged batteries turn into deformed jellyrolls

    A new paper helps to explain how these popular power sources can turn into safety hazards.


  • The 100 Greatest Innovations Of 2016


    Secret Santas, take note

    Each year, Popular Science picks the 100 greatest new innovations in science and technology to feature in our Best Of What's New issue.