Review of the iPhone X – Late But Still Relevant

Do you think its the best iPhone ever?
the iphone x from all angles
The iPhone X in black from back, side and front

If you happen to be searching for cool gadgets, the Phone X is for you. Owning the best smartphone in the planet is a dream come true for many people, and the Phone X might be the best smartphone out there. We will let you know just more about it.

The Screen

This is by far the top-tier screen that you will find on any Phone yet. If you want to see vibrant, bright colors, the Phone Xis the way to go. This screen will blaze into your eyes right in front of you You have to pick up the Phone X to experience this in no time.

The OLED display is the best of the best when it comes to sharp images these days, and this is not something we are exaggerating on today. The Phone X is years ahead of the Phone 8 Plus when it comes to screen resolution and power.

iphone x screen

The iPhone X screen in all its glory

Face ID

The facial recognition feature of the Phone X is fantastic, and the impressive power of this feature will allow you to have a lot of fun right away. The problem comes about when you want to make contactless payments, though we hope that Apple will improve this fascinating feature over time The Face ID feature is straightforward to set up, and you will be putting your face into the amazing view at the start too. You will be ready to go after spinning your head around just a couple of times.

Industrial Design

You will see an out-there phone design with the Phone X, and this is real beauty and power in your hands today. This is a feature that makes the Phone X stand out of the pack in no time You will also see that the Phone X’s screen will draw out till the edges, and the bezel has been just shrunk right down. These are some of the great features that you will see in the outstanding Phone X today. The Phone X has the futuristic, striking design that will catch your eyes in no time.

The Pros of iPhone X

  • The Phone X has a gorgeous, big OLED screen that you will genuinely happen to love
  • It is indeed a comfortable item.
  • Smooth transitions
  • The Phone X’s telephoto camera will outshoot that of the 8 Plus in every sense of the word.
  • It will take your selfies to the next level thanks to its outstanding front camera.

The Cons of iPhone X

  • You will have to do some significant adjustments because the Phone X has no home button along with a new interface.
  • The Control Center is genuinely harder to use and reach.
  • Very expensive

The Phone X is genuinely here to stay because it has a wide array of outstanding features that will allow you to experience your smartphone to a whole new level. Having fun with the Phone X is easy because you will access a wealth of new features that you will love. The Phone X is also very comfortable showing an excellent OLED screen.

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iPhone X
iPhone X
The Good
  • Faster
  • Great camera
  • Beautiful
The Bad
  • No home button
  • Too expensive
  • Overall
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