World’s 1st Blockchain Smartphone Coming Soon

If you believe cryptocurrencies are the future, a smartphone with all the tools required to use and store them is what you will want.
Sirin Phones
Sirin Blockchain Smartphone Concept

Sirin Labs, the makers of the “luxury” Solarin smartphone, are turning their sights towards the rising blockchain and cryptocurrency trade. They recently announced plans for a series of reasonably priced (comparatively, from their earlier phones) units built on a free blockchain.

Sirin Labs, the firm behind that ridiculously priced Android smartphone, now has another phone to share with the world, and in contrast to its $14,000 predecessor, this one is anticipated to be priced at $999 only.

Named after scientist Hal Finney, recipient of the world’s first bitcoin transaction, the Finney blockchain smartphone is an open-source, ultra-secure smartphone built on an independent, free blockchain network. It is expected to come with a 256GB internal memory, 8 GB ram, a 16-megapixel camera, a strong suite of security measures, and it is going to be powered by the Tangle technology of IOTA.

Finney Blockchain smartphone by Sirin Lab

Sirin Labs’s concept of the Finney wireless all-in-one PC. Source: Sirin

Sirin Labs founder and CEO Moshe Hogeg told Business Insider that the firm’s line of Finney devices, which will embody an all-in-one PC, will be able to share data, battery power, and processing power wirelessly — though a cable could be needed at times.

“The Finney family of devices will be the first of their sort to be specifically designed for the needs of the blockchain generation, combining an extremely secure blockchain-enabled environment, with the functionality and essentials of Android OS,” Sirin stated in a press release.

The Finney is clearly intended for a still-niche market, and Sirin Labs’ CMO Nimrod May told Digital Trends they know that: “That is an early adopter group — for now — however we believe there’s a giant market opportunity right behind them.”

To raise cash to fund the development of these devices, Sirin Labs plans to launch a crowdsale event this month. Once constructed, these devices have the potential to help facilitate the eventual mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which some experts believe is nearly inevitable. [Editors note: we think at this price tag, it’s still overvalued and might not do so well at the crowdsale]


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