Camera in your contact lenses?! Sony wants that!

Now maybe your eyes can have a built in camera no one can notice
Sony patented a contact lens camera!

Sony revealed the latest in video recording technology with their new patent for contact lenses. These patented contact lens are blink powered and are able to record and store video all within the lens! This is amazing since as far as we know there is nothing else like this. Just the thought of such technology could be exciting and yet a bit unnerving at the same time. I could only imagine what it would be like to have the ability to record any moment literally “at the blink of an eye”! Imagine being at a special event with family and friends and have the capability of recording the moment and even take pictures just by blinking. Sony even plans on making it so that the lens charges while inserted by using piezoelectric censors that recognizes the movement of the eye and thus with that movement, charges the lens.

contact lens camera

It’s amazing the things that can be created through technology! I mean there is no need for an external charger which I couldn’t even image how it could be charged since we are talking about something as thin as a contact lens which by the way is usually only around 8.0-10.0mm thick. Now, you may be wondering “so how does it know when to record and not record?” This is the same question I had, but luckily Sony has the solution for this as well. They incorporated a sensor that can tell if whether or not a recording was intentional or unintentional! How cool is that! It’s like a smart lens! As I stated earlier although this could be very exciting, it can be a bit unnerving. I mean you would virtually never know when someone was recording you, some may wonder how would it affect your vision, could there be any side effects to wearing such a device, and I’m sure many other questions may need to be asked as with anything new and innovative. I’m confident these questions would be answered in due time.

There is a lot to this lens actually, I mean they are taking the same general technology that is put into a huge camera or phone and placing it within a contact lens, the magnitude of that is beyond amazing. Which leads me to wonder, what the quality of the recording would be like. Would it be like the early 2000’s flip phone quality or current DSLR and or iPhone quality? I guess only time will tell since I’m sure Sony is doing the work to make this contact lens spectacular. Let me just break down briefly the parts that will go into this contact lens also. It is said to include a main control unit, storage unit, wireless communication processing unit, antenna; an image pick up lens, image pick up unit, a circuit unit, sensor, lens unit and parts that imitate the eyeball. Now the real question is can we really look forward to recording video with a blink of an eye!?

P.S I know it’s just a patent, and we may never see this invention… but then again, we might!

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