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  The Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship will probably be powered by a system-on-a-chip that benchmarks quicker than the Apple A9 SoC. However the South Korean cellphone maker is working laboriously...


The Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship will probably be powered by a system-on-a-chip that benchmarks quicker than the Apple A9 SoC. However the South Korean cellphone maker is working laboriously to make sure over heating is not a problem.
We are also informed by rumor-mongers that it’ll be 10% cheaper than the present S6. That’s an aggressive pricing move from the android market leader.

Within the USA and China, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will get the brand new Qualcomm 820 SoC, which is instead of the more apparent chip choice, Samsung’s own Exynos line. And it will be clocked at some kind of ludicrous speed, we are informed, outfitted with a heat-pipe-based cooling system.

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More rumours and concept

Let’s see the rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy S7 from around the globe

This rumor comes from China, through a blogger in Dubai. Mr. Zoheb Ansari, to be exact—Galaxy S7 scores over 2400 in Single-core:

A dependable Chinese leakster….reported that Samsung will use a high frequency version of the Snapdragon 820 Chip in its Galaxy S7, and that this model could also be exclusively for Samsung. He also reported that Snapdragon 820 with Galaxy S7 scored 2456 in single-core performance, and 5423 in multi-core performance. The single-core score is very close to Apple’s A9 benchmark, but the multi-core is significantly better. Qualcomm is anticipated to begin supplying its high-end chip from January 2016. Nevertheless, not all the Galaxy S7 customers will be able to taste it, because some regions will get the machine with an Exynos 8890.

Which actual benchmark is this? Indian blogger Ashish Yadav figures it out, in  Snapdragon 820 Scores 5423 in Multi-Core Geekbench Test:

A new Weibo post from a Chinese leakster suggests that the Snapdragon 820 SoC will be optimized for lower power consumption and better heat management. It will probably be running at a higher frequency than the regular variant so Samsung will add a thermal pipe in the smart phone to maintain a check on the temperature. The leak also states that a new Geekbench test was carried out. We are not able to prove the authenticity of this leak and would recommend you take this information with a pinch of salt. The The launching date of Samsung Galaxy S7 is rumored to be on the 21st of February.

Why would Samsung nix its own Exynos SoC in favor of a Qualcomm? From the Philippines, Juan Carlos explains Snapdragon 820 clocked at max, will need cooling:

Though Samsung has a winner in Exynos 7420 which powers its latest flagships, there are rumors that the Galaxy S7 next year may really be back to utilizing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip for some models. Why would Samsung need to go back to a Snapdragon…after all the work on the most recent Exynos? It may be becauseApple’s A9 and A8X are at the top of the CPU performance charts. In single-core performance, the Snapdragon scores 2456, almost similar to the A9’s 2537. However in multi-core, it blows Apple out of the water with a 5423 grade, versus a 4454. Considering how Samsung has reportedly been helping Qualcomm with its 14nm FinFET process for the Snapdragon 820, it is understandable that it may need a few aces.


From Qatar, Sina Beigi fills in—A Glance at the Rumored Specs:

The 6013 aluminum which was used to construct the S6 may be replaced by a magnesium alloy in the S7 which will make it extra sturdy. Sources are stating that Samsung is more focused in bringing improvements to the hardware of the phone rather than it a design overhaul. The Exynos 8890 is certainly going to be a force to be reckoned with. However rumors are suggesting that completely different processors might be used in some regions, like China and America. It will come equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. The rest of the world will have to do with the Exynos 8890. [Why the discrimination Samsung!? :( ]

The microSD card slot was badly missed in the S6. The firm has reportedly decided to bring the feature back again. It may get a significant overhaul in the camera division. A 20-megapixel rear camera might be part of the gadget along with a large ½ inch sensor. Speculations are currently sizzling that it will likely be announced at the Mobile World Congress and will be launched within the first quarter of the next year.


This nameless Indian scribbler channels a Chinese analyst regarding costs—S7 may cost 10% less than the S6:

The South Korean phone giant’s next flagship will reportedly be ten percent cheaper than the S6, stated analyst Pan Jiutang. The giant just lately reported a profit growth for the first time in 4 quarters. Samsung still enjoys the lead in the smartphone market. A reduction in the pricing of the Galaxy S7 should enable Samsung to increase its sales. While the iPhone competes at the flagship level, smartphones like the OnePlus 2 and Huawei’s Honor 7 present similar features and specs, at way more affordable prices.

But what about this cooling problem? Alexander Maxham has also been reading Chinese fora—Samsung Engineer on Cooling System Rumored for the S7:

Over on Weibo, a Samsung Engineer decided to clarify why they’re utilizing a passive cooling system and that it does nOt imply the Snapdragon 820 will get sizzling. He states that thermal design is an art. He additionally states that the operating temperature can affect the chipset’s efficiency and that it means the producer desires to take that extra precaution to ensure the gadget remains cool. After last year’s big redesign, it is now time for Samsung to refine that design and make it the best smartphone available in the market.
Rumors are pointing towards a January announcement. It’s not confirmed, however Samsung have sent out press invitations for a conference on the 5th of January

Let’s hear from Patrick Moorhead, analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. He talked to Matt Hamblen, for S7 expected to have a return of storage slot:

Many individuals were not happy about Samsung removing the MicroSD card in the Galaxy S6, however I believe we’ll see that come back in the S7. It was notably dumb to take away the slot in the S6, given the emergence of 4K video on smartphones.

The 820 is not only a classic enchancment in the next-generation smartphone feeds and speeds, but a dramatic improvement and Qualcomm talked about doubling the performance per Watt. It is actually an enormous deal. Competition is good within the smart phone chip market because it means increased innovation and decrease costs for the consumer. Samsung needs help in connecting the dots between the capabilities of technology and what folks want. Curved screens, as in the Galaxy S6 Edge, are cool, however it did not solve a consumer problem. I give them credit for putting in some technology like wireless charging. They’re a very inconsistent marketing firm that makes Apple seem like a very safe choice. Apple is very consistent.

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